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Last year, Samsung introduced its first tablet, the Galaxy tab P1000. At CES 2011, the organization managed to get clear that it has strong promises to introduce number of tablets to give Apple tough competition. During summer 2011, the South Korean giant released Tab 8.9, 7.7, 7.0 Plus and 10.1 tablets. This is actually the detail all Samsung tablets released so far.

1) Galaxy Tab P1000: The P1000 includes a 7 inch display that packs WSVGA resolution. Which means its screen has 1024 x 600 pixels. Battery of the P1000 is about 5-6 hours that is about 4 hours less than iPad. However, this Samsung tablet is much more portable compared to the Apple's offerings. It weighs in at 400 grams and is also equipped with a 3 megapixel camera in the dust when planning on taking pictures and recording videos. Samsung even gave it a front camera for video calls. Also, unlike iPad, celebrate voice calls.

2) Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus: This really is being touted as the successor for the P1000. It has same display size and resolution, but comes with a much faster processor. Its predecessor was included with a 1GHz hummingbird processor which in fact had only one core. The tab 7.0 plus has a dual core 1.2GHz processor that produces everything run extremely fast. Menus and Samsung's TouchWiz graphical user interface are butter smooth. The business also worked tough to increase the risk for battery runtimes a lot better than P1000. Now, it is possible to acquire somewhere around 9 hours with it.

3) Galaxy Tab 7.7: When compared to 7.0 plus, the 7.7 Tab offers better screen resolution. The slightly bigger 7.7 inch display packs 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. Increased screen resolution signifies that the pixels tend to be more tightly packed against each another which means you will be able to see more data at a time as compared to the 7.0 plus' display. Processor can also be small bit stronger. It arrives with a dual core 1.4GHz CPU that's 200MHz faster than 7.0's processor. Life of the battery is 10 hours, thanks to the mammoth 5,100mAh battery.

4) Galaxy Tab 10.1: The ten.1 may be the real contender for the Apple's iPad. It has a 10.1 inch screen that features 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, just like Tab 7.7. However, it's got just 1GHz dual core processor, but battery life is a lot more than 10 hours. This can be chiefly due to its huge 7000mAh battery.

5) Galaxy Tab 8.9: If you'd like for a tablet with the specs of seven.7, but with a greater display, then Tab 8.9 is the device you are looking for. It's 8.9 inch display and it has same resolution as 10.1 and 7.7 Tab.

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